Remotely modifying market orders

So new player here. Been on for about two weeks now and currently doing some trading throughout minmatar space. I am selling ammo in both Hadaugago and Malukker, which are both in the Heimatar region. My marketing skill is level 3 so I should be able to sell items within a 10 jump range in the same region or at least that is my understanding. So i have a current market order in Malukker and was trying to change the price from a Hadaugago station, 9 jumps away. When I went to do this, a pop up said that my trading skill only allowed me to modify orders that were in the same station as me. Is there something I’m missing or is there no way to modify orders from a different station?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You need to train the skill “Daytrading” to remotely modify buy and sell orders, “Marketing” only allows you to remotely place sell orders.

Quite an expensive skillbook, I might add.

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Ah so I see. Well then I guess its gonna be a lot of running around and doing it manually then. Thanks for the quick reply