Will my market sales remain if my account goes down to alpha for a month?

I was wondering this, concerning items I have for sale on the market currently. If, for example, I have a bunch of orders for sale that have 3 months to go, and I allow my account to drop to alpha tomorrow, would those orders suddenly be cancelled by the game? Or if I came back in 30 days, would my orders still be up if someone hadn’t bought them by that time?

They will be there until filled or expired.

Broker fees are paid when the order is set up, but market taxes are paid when the items sell, correct? And the taxes are affected by a skill (and by standings, which are also possibly modified by skills). Also, you may not have the ability to modify said orders, esp. without docking at the station in question, because remote order modification is also affected by a skill.

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Alright, Eternus and Memphis, thank you!

Youre welcome.

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