Brokers fee - not corelating to duration of order


A detail bugging me ever since day 1 of selling items was the broker’s fee.
It doesn’t matter if the item is up for 1, 3, 7, 14, or even 30 or 90 days.

It does make sense the sales tax wouldn’t change.
You are still selling the same item for the same value no matter when this happens.

The broker’s fee doesn’t make sense.
The fee is directed at you, the player, and your status (and use) to the station owner, so being a hassle is part of the deal, however; it doesn’t matter in the slightest if you use the station’s service for a single day only OR spend 3 months cluttering their system. This price always remains the same. Might as well use those +89 extra days.

= There is literally no reason to put up for anything less than 3 months.

  • You can cancel orders at any time (after a couple of minutes) without facing any punishment other than losing your (pre-paid) fee.
  • You can always see how long the order has been up and how much has been sold
  • The only ‘reason’ you might have to limit this time to a few days is if you don’t want to move to another region in order to cancel an order to free up more listings (given you reached your limit), BUT… there are items somewhere sitting in a hangar you planned to sell, why would you not get them or check on them in some way? Sitting in your hangar is literally dusting your profits. So this angle is also fairly pointless since you want profit and this means you have to check on your inventory. Using a jump clone or doing 10~15 jumps isn’t hard either.

My suggestion = Tie the sale’s duration to the broker’s fee.

Using a station’s service for 90 days may cost an additional 2% fee. (for example
Using a station’s service for 1-3 days may reduce the fee by 2%.

This way players are encouraged not just to ‘auto 90 days’ but more actively manage their orders and take a minute to think how the market might react to your ‘product’.

The same can, of course, apply to buy orders!
Bigger sellers will try to keep orders shorter as a result, more frequently freeing up space smaller buyers can use, giving smaller buyers a possibility to buy the ore or item without losing to a guy who slaps in 9,999,999 items and goes afk for 3 months at a time.

Remember: new players don’t have pristine sales skills or standing. They already pay on top whenever they sell. Right now the rich only get richer while the poor get buried underneath (cheap) orders.

Naturally, the ‘big fish’ still set up his 90-day orders, but he will cut into his own profit margins if he is ‘that lazy’ and doesn’t check on them more frequently.

This change isn’t meant to block anyone from using the market but to allow making a profit by moving quicker within the market, with fewer cases of single entities being the sole consumers of item stocks.

With pricing becoming quicker, buying huge quantities in bulk may be also reduced, weakening the monopole of a chosen few players, allowing for the rest of the market to take over and haggle for better prices for everyone. An opportunistic market!

[ps. I think 14 days could be used as a 0% fee change area, allowing people to do their IRL holiday thing without worrying too much. The precise % is up to the devs, but given my example of -2% or +2%, I think that’s a juicy point worth a thought for most traders big or small.

Using my sale (as seen in the picture) those 93 million may go down to 91 or up to 95~ (roughly). A 4mil dif. I for once would take those 4 million difference (aka 2mil profit) and never look back! (since I know that plex will sell within 1~3 days. < rewarding my ‘knowledge’ of the market]

I hope I was able to bring my intentions across.
TLDR: 1-day sales are cheap, 90 days become more expensive.

Give this ‘selection’ a reason to exist other than ‘its always been there’.
‘It’s always been like that’ is always a rather curious argument to make once people figure out it wasn’t all that great an idea to begin with :sunglasses:

ty and fs

Disclaimer: brokers’ fee and offer duration may never been meant to relate but its at the very least implied in my humble opinion and given the circumstances the time used should matter in some way. As i mentioned before there is no real benefit to not using 90days so might as well make it the standard and remove all other options (de-cluttering the UI) :nerd_face:

There’s another reason why there’s no reason to set your order to less than 3 months: CCP does not want you to engage in market PVP. They want you to fire and forget the market order (thanks to tax and fee changes when you update orders) and PVP in space.

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