Add account nicknames to launcher


(Amanda Starscream) #1

I would find it very helpful to have client side account nicknames. You could add/edit the nickname under the gear menu for each saved account.

A non-named account would display as normal, a nicknamed account would display as:
Nickname (real name). Examples:
Dread (Account2)
Real Titan (Account3)
Meme Titan (Account4)
OOC (Account5)

I understand you guys are busy, but this would be very helpful for me. Thanks.

(Inactive Seller) #2

I too think this is important and for security reasons. I do a script to control my accounts with XML, and use instead the nickname the concep PSEUDO. The reason is if anyone see my script, have no way to know the acc name.

(Scipio Artelius) #3

+1 this would be useful

(Double Penetrate) #4


(Rena Skjem) #5

Yes. that would help so much to people with multiple accounts.

(Rounon Dax) #6

Maybe not nickname the accounts, but give us a list of the pilot names for this account?

(Lena Crews) #7

+1. Even with a relatively small number of accounts this would be helpful.

(Bellum Dea) #8

That’s not great for security reasons though. With a nickname you could just name it after your characters if you wish.

(Inactive Seller) #9

Agree Is my principal concerns , the name of account visible is not needed.

(system) #10

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