Please add an option to just display the account

I like the old login method with a play icon before the account to start/stop it and go to the character selection screen more. While i set everything to go to the selection screen theis is far from a neat login experience like the previous launcher. Heck why did it needed to be changed?


You still can do this:

Yes but instead of seeing the characters i would want ot just see the account like in the old launcher.

I think he means to start a client directly by clicking the play button before the account like in the old launcher. The new one requires a click on the account first and only then you can start it.

This introduced an unnecessary click if you want to launch the account to the char selection screen.

Quick launch is not an option as this launches to char. Launch groups also don’t help, i want to launch accounts individually.

Also when you click on another account to launch it, it expands…slowing you down…you have to scroll and click to reach the next one to launch.

This is indeed a loss of ergonomics in the new launcher concept.


exactly this

I was a bit sad to see the little :arrow_forward:-button go as well.

But found a workaround by adding the account(s) that shall be launched to the character selection screen to a launch group:

After that, you get a button at the bottom one can use:

It’s not the same, but for me, it works.

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It seems if you make the launcher so small that the Havoc picture disappears, the play buttons will appear. But i don’t like the look of the launcher if it is this small…i want a “normal” sized launcher with play buttons in the respective account. Also a small sized launcher doesn’t display the account names.

Small launcher with play buttons:


Really? Did you tested this feature first ? It doesn’t work.
I like this new launcher, but make everything work before you implement it.
In the old one you were able to see the status for your chars ( location, wealth, skillpoints/training status) without entering the game, now … only security status / corporation . So i have to log in each of them to get the intel, nice one , time wasted on my side.

Of course it works and you would be the first where it doesn’t, i suppose. So activate it by clicking on the cogwheel up right in the launcher and then navigate to the “Game Client” options and activate it.

After that highlight an account and click on the “Play now button”. Do not click on a character portrait. Only after clicking the “Play Button”, the client will bring up the character selection screen like in the old launcher.

If you have messed up your individual account, you can either reset them all in the “Game Client” settings to default or configure it in the individual account settings above the play button.

This works wel for me , cheers!

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