Beta Launcher - improvements suggestion


I generally like the new launcher but I would like to see a few improvements (in order of annoyance):

  1. Please, please, please let me start the game from account settings tab. I have to click account settings => change profile => go back to main tab => click play now… When I change my profile I 99.9% of the time want to start the game right after. Adding an extra few clicks is making in annoying
  2. I would like to be able to delete an account without the need for logging in. I have a few accounts that I had used for a failed project that I don’t remember the password but they are hanging in the launcher. Currently the only option to delete the account is to log in (through restore password) just to delete the account
  3. When I click on clone state and it’s in Omega state it would be nice to see how much left Omega account is left

Other than that I enjoy the new launcher!

The Option to launch into Character Selection is allready there:

I didn’t mention that functionality or need of it in any of my points. I still gonna guess that’s in an answer to point 1, so here’s screen to help understand. When I’m choosing the profile it’s obvious for me that I want to start the game, so why do i have to move back to initial tab instead of launching the game straight from here:

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Ah okay, then I understand now exactly what you mean. I have forwarded the contribution to the Dev’s.
Thanks for your feedback.

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