Eve Launcher Issue

It requires you to “click and hold” to log in - it would be more efficient if you could just click, which was the previous functionality.

CCP removed the double click to launch directly to character for some odd reason which they never explained. Requests in the Beta Launcher feedback topic to reintroduce it remain unanswered.

Engineer: Look! You have to click, hold and release before the game launches, this is different than most games and software

CEO: I love it! Give this man a raise

This was probably the conversation at CCP and the rest is history :slight_smile:

Sometimes I think CCP should hire someone to do basic quality control.

It would also be cool if you could see the names of the characters, so you can select the right ones, but apparently nobody at CCP puts much thought into these things.

I agree about basic quality control, many times things looks like are made by people without any ideea of the game mechanics.
Did anybody try to delete a character from the account ? No way to get to the Character selection window now . On the other hand with old launcher you were able to see without logging where your character is located , many of us have multiple accounts ,it’s easy to get confused.

If you make the launcher small, the play buttons will appear as in the old launcher. But i don’t like the look of the small launcher:

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