Add Right-Click Fleet Formation Warping Options


The Fleet Formation Right-Click Menu interface is fantastic and should be expanded to include each Fleet Formation (Point, Sphere, etc.) in the right-click Fleet Warp options (see below image).

This Right-Click Fleet Formation Warp provides in the moment verification that the correct Fleet Formation is selected just prior to hitting that Fleet Warp option… however if/when the FC realizes they have the wrong Fleet Formation is selected, it then takes 3 clicks (Fleet Formation > Select Formation > back to Overview/My Fleet > Right-Click desi/Fleet Member) to change Formation to enable the FC to once more Right-Click Fleet Warp again. Please add the other Fleet Formations Warping options to the Right-Click Menu Interface

Thanks for reading!

Nope, it’s confusing enough already right now.

and according to hoboleaks, there’s gonna be skills specifically for fleet forming.

… another 3M skillpoint sink.

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