Toggle for "Exempt from Regroup command"

Hello, As the title says. I would like to see a toggle just like the “Exempt from Fleet Warp” that means you are also exempt from the “Regroup” command. As the snowflake that I am in most fleet PvP. I tend to not be a F1 anchor on the FC type player. This FC/WC/SC command is very handy and in no way I am saying it should be removed. But from time to time. The FC will use the feature to bring back into formation some wayward pilots. But he/she will not announce it. This can lead to my independent flying getting thrown off course.

“Exempt from Fleet Warp” is great. I would just like to also see “Exempt from Regroup” as an option too please

Thank you for your time.




As a fleet interceptor pilot, the regroup command is killing me. And there’s no way to exempt myself from it.

This leaves the FC two options: either never use the regroup command, or intentionally ■■■■ over your small tackle.

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Or you use your brain and see that your ship is not moving the way you clicked it too? Or the text that says “REGROUPING”. This is not something CCP needs to fix, You just need to not be stupid.

You’re more than likely severely underestimating just how much crap support pilots have to do, especially fleet interceptor pilots. If you ruin their manual piloting just to get the few idle screwballs in DPS ships to anchor up, you are inevitably going to ruin their day.

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