Fleet Regroup Options

put them in the Fleet Formation tab

unlock various regroup options with the same skill as fleet formations.


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What do you mean “Feet Regroup”, please give an example?

FC can press „regroup fleet“ on themselves which causes everyone to orbit the FC if I remember right.

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FC can hit a button to “regroup” the fleet on him, causing the ships to orbit him at 500m

There should be options to specify the orbit distance,
or set “keep at range” instead of orbit, etc

yeah perfect, then the standart F1 Drone dont need to use your little brain to keep the ship by itself on a distance of your choice oO

i would rather delete the option to “auto regroup” for the FC … its an useless feature

So brain-dead F1 monkeys have to think even less than they already do?

How about: no?

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