Question about formatting Fleets

Hello, I hope I’m right here, I don’t really know where to post this question:
I’ve recently joined a fleed and noticed that they managed to organize their Wings and Squads, I cannot recall if they did it with the MotD or limit the Wings/Squads.
They had different Wings and Squads for ratting/pvp/mining/etc and once there were enough ppl in it it got marked as Full i.e.
I tried to google it for quite some time now, but nothing came up that helped me.
So if somebody can think of a way to realize something like that I’d love to hear it.

Create a fleet.

In the fleet window, add wings and squads.

Rename the wings and squads as needed in the fleet window.

Turn free move on and let people move as needed. Watch the squads, when they fill add full to the name.

It really isn’t hard to do.

Maybe i didn’t make it clear enough, i don’t want to modify things every time or send out messages manually to announce things, I’m looking for a way to make it visibly without acting myself.
Like links, only for a given number of players or better a given number of ship points. It turns red/yellow/green if a squad reaches size x.
Or lock squads as soon as the ship points/member numbers are too high.

Like with orbiting, i want something that orbits, not adjust my vector every second and fly it manually.
Or I want to know if that’s even possible. Maybe it’s not and they really adjusted it manually every time.

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