Standing Fleets

Standing Fleets exist even when nobody is in them.
Player access to the Standing Fleet is managed via Access Lists
There is a different Access List for Commander positions
Players on the Commander Access Lists are automatically placed into commander roles
Allow multiple commanders for squad/wing/fleet positions.
Allow the Standing Fleet to be “stood down” and its advert is removed. Can only be re-activated by one of the Commanders (Access List)

Bonus: Automatically move Squad Members to a certain Squad based on their ship type.
Bonus: Option/Switch to allow anyone in a squad to warp the whole squad.

  • It would make forming up fleets faster & easier. Login, Join Fleet and automatically be placed into their proper position immediately.
  • There would be no fumbling around with fleet adverts when time is critical.
  • Different Fleets for each doctrine. Rorqual commanders are placed in commander spots in a Rorqual fleet, but only a Squad Member in the mainfleet. Scouts are placed into the Scout squad. Trusted pilots are automatically able to warp the Scout Squad around.
  • It would also promote the use of specialized/utility/scout squads.
  • Finally make use of the fleet structure system.

Right now when people are forming up for a fleet, its hard and people arej ust trying to get it done so we can play the game.
Making this process easier and more automatic would allow Fleet Commanders to pre-emptively plan the fleet structure, and know the correct pilots will be placed into the correct roles when they join.

And finally, make sure this is all optional and you can still make normal fleets.

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