Ability for Squal Commander to lock the squad they are in command of

The default behavior of joining a fleet is that you fall into the first squad that has a squad commander. In a lot of cases, that squad is not wanting anyone else in it and we just end up wasting a lot of discussion and time telling them to move out of it.

Firstly, I believe that the squad commander should be able to lock the squad so no one else can join but of course the fleet boss will still be able to override it.

Secondly, new people joining fleet should default to the first squad regardless of it having a fleet boss.

Simple solution:


“Squad 1 called ‘Carriers’ is for carriers, squad 2 called ‘faxes’ is for faxes, squad 3 called ‘snowflakes’ is for everything else. Free move is on, move your ■■■■ or get kicked”.


Self guided people have already come up with solutions, changing it now would break those and send the fleets into chaos!

Both of you are correct in your own view of it but clearly I am in a different situation but honestly, I don’t have time to carry on with this.

So be it…

That is a very rare response …

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