Fleet boss vote

The ability to start a vote for a fleet boss when the current auto assigned fleet boss is afk, so control of a fleet can be taken over.

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Damn I love that idea. Happens all the time with us where someone gets appointed fleet boss and happens to be AFK when we need something changed. Love it.

Have whoever is fleet boss set up free move, so at least someone can move up to squad commander

Or just create a new fleet and everyone join it

That wont work for large corp standing fleets. You will end up with 2 fleets because of all the afk people and confuse everyone for the rest of the day.
My request is to have a good way to deal with it, and is just a suggestion.

Neither of these solves the problem.

Logically, and realistically, it should go to the next highest ranked person in the fleet structure, not a vote.

In an actual Chain of Command, when the CO goes down, the XO takes over, then it goes down the ranks of officers until you run out of officers, at which point stuff can actually get done. :innocent:


I like the CoC (Chain of Command) idea the best. Voting for who is in charge sounds very . . . unwieldy



Agreed, the other solution seems more fitting EVE’s dark dystopian atmosphere.


It already does that, go to the next in command.
But it only does that when the fleet boss leaves, not when the fleet boss is afk.
So there is some vote trigger needed, or maybe a max afk timer for fleet boss, to switch to the next one.
Now we have to wait till the current fleet boss either comes back or closes the game, which can take as long as server reboot the next day.

There are already multiple in game ways for you to take a control position within a fleet that doesn’t require you to be boss, it only requires the boss to have setup the fleet properly.

Outside the ability to adjust the advert and add new wings, which you should have all created in the fleet preset anyway, what powers in the fleet do you need that you cannot assume by taking an unoccupied Wing Commander position? There’s also always the option of dropping the AFK fleet and making your own.

Trying to see where this isn’t a bunch of work for the Devs for not a lot of impact on the game.

I mentioned that, apparently its not an option lol

Ah, yes, I see that reply now. That’s one of those “not a lot of impact on the game” instances. Not CCP’s responsibility to fix the bad organization or confusion in OP’s corp. Why are OP or their corp mates unable to ask questions of people in their organization to resolve the confusion? When I last was playing in nullsec, it didn’t seem that big of an issue to me to ask in chat or on comms which standing fleet was active if there was more than one. :thinking:

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When i was in null, never had an issue with fleet boss going afk either

Oh, happens all the time. No one usually cares because your standing fleet isn’t the one you take on ops, therefore the activity level of the standing fleet boss was never relevant to us.

Standing fleets are for miners, ratters ,and QRF, not active operations.

Oh sure we get the normal responses why not to do it without any solutions other than i dont care or not ccp’s responsibility.

I do not care about your salty stinky minds guys! It is a suggestion for the dev’s, it is not at all about you!

So tell me again why you can’t use the current tools?

Really? So who do you think plays the game?

PS, the devs don’t read this forum. You’re not addressing the devs, you’re addressing the other players. The onus falls upon you, as the suggestor, to further justify your idea in the face of criticism.

But what is absolutely certain, is that telling us this has nothing to do with us is the epitome of selfishness.

The OP literally describes why the current tool is inadequate for the user’s purposes.


Ive seen several suggestions that you can do. You just dont wanna do them. What do you need an active fleet boss for that the next highest ranking person can do?

Because they don’t work if the boss is afk. That’s the point.