[QOL] Persist fleet sharing upon changing Boss

(Duke Veldspar) #1

Many EVE corps and alliances have “24/7” fleets where members and alts reside. The bigger entities can’t go with standings only because many members has their own alt corps or standalone alts and managing these could be a headache. The one big problem we face now is a human factor when current fleet boss leaves forgetting to assign new active boss and auto selected new fleet boss is afk for a long time. Fleet becomes invisible until boss is active again. This pose a problem, sometimes requiring to migrate to a new fleet.

So the proposed change is simple:

  • Persist fleet sharing in Fleet Finder upon asigning new fleet Boss

The change seems small but I’m not sure if there are some technical quirks on the CCP side.

Little things / Small QoL suggestions
(Lugh Crow-Slave) #2

i don’t see an issue with mechanics punishing disorganization

(Wander Prian) #3

The fleet cannot be active until the new boss has accepted the sharing-rules as their standings may differ from the first boss.

(system) #4

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