Fleets and Standing Changes

If you fly in a fleet and have positive standings with an NPC i.e. Trigs or EDENCOM and other members of your fleet are neutral or negative standing would destroying a rogue drone by the positive standing member of the fleet automatically increase the neutral or negative standing of the other fleet members?


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Thanks for the info

Afaik you can share standings you gain from missions with members of the fleet, but not standing changes from NPCs getting shot.

You can share but with a different mechanic. Only one needs to do the killing (a player or NPC), everyone else just needs to fire one hitting shot to any same type rat (don’t remember if just tagging is sufficient if it is not the same rat which dies), but you all get the standing tick of the highest ranking rat dying in system within the next 10-15min.

EDIT: This is working for trig standing, never tried with other factions.

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@Tipa_Riot ill have to relay that to imiarr. As far as we knew, no sharing happens with trigs.

As far as the OP, fleet mechanics work where no negative impact happens to other fleet members unless they cause a negative standing like shooting an npc.
This is how we at USIA can work so efficiently. You could be in a wormhole and gain no negative hits while we would by shooting an npc in a mission.

It may be that you have to stay in system for it to happen. I know for sure that it worked years ago when a lot of people grinded trig standing in Raravoss. I was often the one who killed a named drifter and everybody in system was happy to get the max tick. But i also received many ticks by basically watching, after shooting a sleeper once.

EDIT: it’s not tied to fleet mechanics.