Killed by Trigs/Edencom even with + standing?

Hi there, i was in trigspace to kill rogue drones and have a standing of 0.08 with triglavians and 0.06 with edencom, but when i returned to highsec, i still was shot by trigs i think. Can this be or was it a bug ?
Because i read in the net, killing rogue drones should make them leave you in peace in highsec

Trigs are ornery. They often shoot those with positive standing to them, although it seems to me they usually only do this after you have recently engaged another NPC like some Drifters or EDENCOM.

Is this a bug or is this intended? Who can say? But I’ve never had it happen to a character who has both positive standing and has not shot anyone recently, so I lean towards a bug of some kind. It’s also possible that recent standing gains might not yet be recognized by the Trigs you ran across.

Likely, this won’t happen again to you, but if it does, the only one who can tell you if this is intended is CCP: EVE Online


I’ve heard that it’s a bug, and that people have gotten reimbursed.

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thanks you both…so i switch off the system warnings and hope the best, because the one time i was killed was a few hours after i returned from trigspace, had not restarted the client since then.

Check the kill info to make sure you understand what actually happened. I now have several chars with (minimal) standing and they never been shot at and that includes idling with them on a gate, scooping player wrecks.

Kill info said Triglavians. So for sure i got killed because there was my time in trigspace still in the client anyhow and trigs ingame snooped that out somehow and killed me :slightly_smiling_face:

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