Trig Standing Effects while in Fleet

Hi All,

I have a couple of questions about how Triglavian standing impacts you while being in a fleet with other players…

First question: if a pilot has positive Trig standing and fleets up with another player that has negative Trig standing, will Triglavian NPC’s become aggressive toward both pilots while on-grid, even if the positive standing pilot does not engage or attack the Trigs? In other words, who’s standing do the Trigs base their behavior on when you are in a fleet? Is it each pilot’s individual standing, or the lowest standing out of all pilots in the fleet?

Second question: if the answer to the first question above is that Trigs respond to each individual’s personal standing within the fleet, and so would not attack a pilot with positive standing… what if the positive standing pilot activated a command burst module to buff the fleet member who has negative Trig standing, would that cause the Trigs to attack the bursting pilot despite their positive standing? If not, would the command burst result in a loss of standing for the burst pilot?

Thanks in advance for any help understanding how these mechanics interact!

Individual standings only ever matter. Fleeting up doesn’t change anything. All negative Trig fleetmates will be shot at and killed per usual.

The “standing loss” mechanic works by every ~15 minutes evaluating the highest value NPC an individual pilot killed. Command burst modules don’t kill NPCs.

EDIT: All that being said, I haven’t tried ever farming Trig NPCs, so I do not know if they have additional coding beyond the above 2 points for things like identifying remote reps, etc.

Trig standings do not share via fleet mechanics

So i would assume they would go after whoever is negative if one is positive

Thank you both for the info, sounds like things work the way I was hoping for!

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