Fleet Advert Change

Premise: Give alliance/corp the ability to host Fleet adverts (similar to chat channels) based on alliance/corp standings, that dont rely on 1 person to host/post.

  • It would help with organization.
  • it would help get newer folks involved.
  • it would take some burden off FCs.
  • it would also ease the group gameplay.
  • it would give a centralized and consistant method of playing together.

Just an idea, suggestions/questions?


Apart from introducing an “Open Fleet to Alliance” in advert (which would be a good idea), and maybe stopping the fleet advert from collapsing when the fleet goes down to two people and then one of them leaves, how exactly is this different from the way they are now???

Fleet adverts are currently created by one person, they then open it based on their standings and check boxes. If they log off or DC, then someone else need to carry that torch.

Chat channels ingame are currently ran by the server, once controls are set no one needs to be online to facilitate it.

I would like fleet adverts to be operated the same as channels, once set everyone has access no matter who is online.

You are correct; however, the open to Corp box is not relative to their standings. Introducing an open to Alliance box enhances this feature, and preventing the fleet from collapsing would be a second enhancement as I already said. So my question is - what else needs to be done besides these two features? Perhaps an option to give fleet access based on ACLs? Wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Just give fleets ability to run off an ACL.
Add all your FC’s to the ACL as admins.
Advert based on view access for the ACL.
Auto Promote admins to fleet boss if present in fleet.

Edit ( Saw Archer’s post, I agree)

Edit 2: This isn’t about access, it’s wanting a persistent fleet that is ALWAYS running? This could get out of hand…
Standing fleet 1,2
Strat Op
How many fleets would an alliance be able to host?

I wish that chat channels were ACL based also (I maintain a network of MOTD channels)

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