CCP - Renew the fleet system + create a fleet finder que system!

I think there should be a way people just simply que for a certain type of content, and the system would automatically match people together, like in world of warcraft, we just que for a certain type of content and the system automatically matches the players, without having to create any group or fleet.

I think this would be so much better and hassle free and more people would enjoy to que for fleets rather than having to create one and talk and look for more players or whatever.



I would love this feature. Gone would be the times, when one needs to ■■■■-talk one ways in to a fleet to awox. One could simply queue up for awox content and the ingame fleetfinder would provide, without the need to lick someones buthole.

You mean like the Fleet Finder:

“the filters you applied returned no results”

nice fleet system finder u got there. so many people use it, its obviously working great.

Yes, and you should take a hint from this fact: nobody uses the current system that does approximately what you’re talking about, nobody would use your proposed system. Grouping up with random people with no control over who gets in is never going to be a popular feature in a game where stabbing people in the back is the default choice.


So, basically …

1 Log in
2 Click button for “matchmaking”
3 Wait until the server matches you with the fleet of your requirements

That’s quite degenerated. I know, lots of people play that way and it’s fine for their games,
but treating EVE like it’s a collection of mini-games is devalueing the game significantly.

I also get the vibe that you somehow believe public fleets exist for your consumption, but that’s not the case. Public fleets exist to increase the overall amount of social connections, not to feed your desire for content.

I understand that you might not have any friends, btw, so you probably think this idea is perfectly acceptable. It would be in any other game, because in those other games people have no actually meaningful social connections anyway, but EVE already suffers enough from consumers who don’t give a single flying ■■■■ about their fellow capsuleers.

Matchmaking is for instant gratification kiddies.

No, thanks.

It works just like what you want.

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