This game need PVP match-making

Roaming is fun. but not always fun.

flying around empty space is suck.

and these days, almost every roaming is a series of boring walks, untouchable enemy and blops.

and i think all the “beta clone” things are not helpful to increase PVP player in low-sec.


this game need PVP match-making.

  1. Calculate points from all fleet member’s ships and module.

  2. match-make base on that point.

  3. fleet vs fleet is good. but also battle of 5 fleet also would be fun.

  4. When the match started, each fleet will warp to inaccessible limited space. and fight.

  5. players “cannot” warp out. so tackle module isn’t essential.
    (this will give difference between normal low-sec roaming)

  6. when the ship is destroyed, there will be no remaining module. and salvage is also impossible
    (to encourage normal PVP like hunting rattler, and good for economy i guess?)

  7. Only thing player can get is “RANK”

This will make eve grate again.
i think…

+how stupid i am “grate” lol
i mean “Great”

anyway i like to add one more

  1. i cant imagine the proper way to do this, but somehow capsule must be in danger when ship destroyed.
    this will prevent using VERY EXPENSIVE implant & hard wiring without any risk of lost it.
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There’s been a bunch of talk today about wardecs. Mostly 1 or 2 people whining about how they never want to be wardecced again. Wardecs, I think, are the context where we need PVP matchmaking.

For individual fights, not really. People have been banging on this drum for years. Probably since before I started playing, which I’d bet is why they added FW to begin with. FW’s supposed role in EVE is to do exactly what you’re asking for. I think FW needs some expansion so that it can better serve that role, but I’ve never been involved in FW so couldn’t get into specifics. I think FW being more inclusive might solve exactly the problem you’re feeling.

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Like a wager system? e.g. Team A wagers wardec continuation vs Team B’s ownership of structure and ISK purse.

Face off in an instanced simulation 5 vs 5 with anything you can dream up from the fitting tool–super minimal cost (like fights on the test server).

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I mean there should be better tools that help aggressors find more suitable targets. A sort of scoring system for corps taking into account membership size, activity, competency. And counterpart tools for defenders to better prepare for incoming wardecs. Tools that make wardecs more common and more fun, fun for both parties.

Although your wager system idea does sound pretty interesting. I could imagine a “just give us 1 good fight and, win or lose, we’ll drop the wardec” scenarios happening frequently, which would definitely increase the fun and reduce the suck for both parties. Not sure how I feel about sisi market rules, I think there needs to be real destruction.


I wouldn’t enjoy it but others might.

Any kind of fight that is scripted to any degree I find boring.
I like chaos and uncertainty. That’s just me.

Matchmaking? I don’t know. I could see someone having an alt set up to meet their mains “criteria” (random or predetermined) and using it to vanish from an eminent demise by disappearing into a void space. Possibly even using it to return to a place and time of their choosing for a gank. Essentially staying in a hidden pocket for hours. That is even better than cloaking. lol Their own personal wormhole not on any grid.

Rank farming is the same as statpadding a killboard. “Look at my rank. I’m a badass mofo”

Too much possibility for abuse. imo

Doesn’t sound much fun. :expressionless:

If you want a PvP arena why not organize it yourself?


Because that would require work and effort. However, people who ask for arenas or matchmaking do not want to put effort into getting their share of easy, non-consequential fun.

Funny that you use “grate” here because your suggestion would indeed grate away from what made EVE what it is supposed to be.


So wrong for this game on so many levels.

This is basically a game where the players decide what goes on, not some funky intermediary device.

So, no.

matchmaking mechanics are cancerous and lazy
they take away from players need to communicate with each other which is a critical part of eve.

An Arena?


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Many times over the years, this idea has been suggested. Whether called matchmaking, arena, dojo, etc., the resounding response from the players and devs has been, No.

Sounds like great fun, but I think one impediment is that it can look like a scam to new players. Giving some mechanics around controlling who can participate and with what ships/equipment can be used might help things a bit. I dunno.

Or we can just fix Faction Warfare.

It would “help”, but it would also contradict a basic principle of EVE: that cheating is possible. A player-run arena is fine, because it depends on players enforcing the rules and allows players to cheat if they can find a way to break the rules. Having the game enforce honesty and fairness would not be appropriate.

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Excellent point…

So let’s just fix faction warfare. Problem solved.

Counter-Strike in space? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can do similar stuff already. sit around in high-sec, and just randomly request duels with people.

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