Fleet invite from Faction Police

I have not worked this out completely, but imagine. You are scooting through a system and you come upon an incursion or triglavian action, and you get a fleet invite from the faction police. Please warp to me and help against this action. They provide logi and help with dps.


Why is the current invasion channel to connect you with other players not sufficient?
Why do you think this will be better for EVE to have people not work with other people.

I never said that there would be only one fleet invite. Those methods could be incorporated into this. I am merely suggesting a way to liven up PVE in high and low sec. With the increasingly PVP like AI, this is just an extension of the mechanic.

I agree with Nevyn. A change like this would diminish the incentives for players to work with other players, which is, imo, the whole point of a MMO.

Plus I see no reason to spend game developer time, which is seriously needed in many other areas of the game, on figuring out how to code for npcs fighting npcs and incorporating a player in those scenarios. That just strikes me as a waste of resources.

Terrible idea for reasons already stated.


Would it?

If there was a NPC fleet out for something and players were open to join it, doesn’t that serve as a catalyst (not the ship) to get players to work together and interact?

This bit they already have working with the new AI, and it does help the game.
However yeah… I’m not on board with NPC’s directly inviting players. Players should be able to warp in if they want to things, and NPC’s might react on standings, but that’s a different matter than a direct invite.

They should warp you into a gank when you accept. Never accept random fleet invites kids.

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I dissagree, I think your statement does not hold water. NPC incursions and sotoiu fights encourage massive player commradere.

The idea is to create more imursion in our environment…other than ganking low sec status players what else does the faction police do? Fight other NPC’s, what better way to do that than enlist the help of the all powerfull capsuleers.

+1 for crap responce

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