Allied Fleets

It’d be neat to have ability to quickly “combine” two or more existing fleets.

Mechanics would work something like this:

  • Primary fleet A invites fleets B and C to become “allies”
  • Fleets A, B and C are now purple to each other
  • Members in each fleet can still only interact with their own fleets (no cross-fleet boosts, no cynos, no cross-fleet movement etc)
  • Only primary Fleet A can ally additional fleets
  • It would be nice to have ability to “warp to” members of allied fleets, but not a requirement

Why do we need it?

  • To address fleet size (256) limitation
  • To allow quick merge of fleets when engagements escalates (1v1v2v3v2 situations)
  • Give FCs flexibility to align standalone fleets w/o having to set standings

Now this is a cool idea

I do think that it could use a little work (example being things like how it works in HS fights) but otherwise I think that it only adds to the game and helps with large scale fights. While it would put more load on the head FC of the op to manage all the UI, I think that it would be offset by the usefulness of something like an “Allied fleet location” tab that would move some brainpower away from having to ask all the other sub FCs where they are.
Taking the idea a bit further, having info panels for things like Percent of fleet destroyed, Primary ship in fleet, and Whether or not the fleet is in a fight (could be something like are more then 60% of the ships in fleet in combat) would also help move some brainpower away from having to ask, wait, and listen to any number of sub FCs.

Anyway there’s my two cents, I think it’s cool but because this is a public forum people will come crawling out of the ceiling to disagree with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Even just having something as simple as being able to “purple” multiple fleets to one another would be huge for fleet operations.

What you mean is a time-limited “purple standing” setting that let all members of another fleet “appear” as if they were in your fleet in the overview/local, but without shared fleet functionality (warps, boosts, cynos…), right?

This “purple standing” overrides all corp/alliance standings for those other fleet members as long as your own fleet exists (or the FC removes it)?

This “purple standing” automatically ends when the fleet ends?

The main benefit I see is that this “quick standing” could be set regardless of the corp/alliance-membership status of the other pilots, so even if its a public fleet with 50 pilots from different corps, they could all be set - temporary - allied. So yea, I like the idea. Some experienced FCs should probably asked for their opinion and possible concerns. @Pandoralica :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, what I would really like to see is a simple ‘Merge Fleet’ option. Where you set up where the merging fleet will go (wings, etc) and which fleet takes on the commander role. I often fly with my own guys and I will see a friendly fleet. It becomes a bit tiresome to rotate everyone over. If I as the commanded had the option to join as a wing or squad, it would be of great effect.

I think it’s cool. :slight_smile:

For us lame PVE incursion runners when we do the Mothership site, we could bring in 40 people from 1 community 40 people from another or bring in a boxer fleet already set up.

Yes on all points. And again, this would simply turn everyone in “allied” fleets purple to each other, for the duration of the fleet.

This (vs merging fleets) also keeps some potential risks to a minimum. AWOX’ing is not possible because FC in Fleet A still can’t warp members of Fleet B. And only primary fleet FC can “ally” additional fleets. So spai/blue-on-blue shenanigans are mitigated.

It shouldn’t be too hard to implement and would provide tangible QoL improvements. My 2 cents.

Good idea, hope they implement it.

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