Fleet Settings (for Squad Commander/Wing Command size)

Would it be possible to add a setting to “Set the Limit on the Size / Max Member amount” of Squads?

Or maybe ability to declare / set squad to put new fleet members in that join.
(currently, new members join which ever squad has had its Squad Commander position filled last or maybe it’s the squad with the highest ranking squad commander that gets filled)

Maybe a setting similar to the Fleets “Set Fleet Max Size” - for the max size of the Squad you are in command of.

Or maybe the ability to “Lock Squad” setting for after you have added the members to it that you want in it.

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This is one of those “Yeah I just don’t want to do it myself” changes that doesn’t fix anything you couldn’t do already.

What we need are fleet bookmarks, or the ability to broadcast saved locations in fleet that your fleet mates can warp to.

Yes. Like BIOS. And shoes.

Seriously, you can bet money that every helpful suggestion on these forums will be screamed down by people who think the forums are PVP opportunities to “harvest tears”.


I can organize wings in a fleet with some quick clicking and dragging, what problem did you think this was solving?

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