512 Fleet Limit please

(Lothres Andastar) #1

256 is too small

(Steve Ronuken) #2


Considering there are game play effects, a little justification is needed.

(Nevyn Auscent) #3

This is very unlikely to be implemented as CCP want more pilots taking an active role in a fight, not fewer.
Larger fleets mean fewer FC’s, and more F1 monkeys.

(yellow parasol) #4

That’d double the amount of bytes needed to store the number of fleetmembers from Byte to Word. At that point then people could start arguing that a Word offers room for 64k participants (-1, because 0 doesn’t count).

Am i trolling? You can decide that for yourself! The OP didn’t actually provide anything meaningful and my post is both technically correct and on topic.


I like you.