Reducing Null Sec Blobs!

Hello everybody,

Some corp mates and I were thinking about blobs in Null Sec the other day after we got chased by another 50+ man Muninn Fleet.

What if fleets would have a “Bandwidth” (BW) Limit and every ship that joins would use up portions of that BW? For example, A Fleet has 250 BW and 1 T1 Frig uses 1 BW you can support 250 T1 Frig in your fleet. If you have more than 250 you would get (maybe random) De-Buffs like speed reductions or Cap-regen reductions or something else.

The idea is not to forbid large fleets but to introduce a trade-off to having so many ships, that needs to be accepted or to be avoided, by splitting the fleet up into more and small groups.

It’s a bit like the Payout system in Incursion fleets. “You can have more ships in your fleet, but there are trade-offs to that.”

Let me know what you think.

Instead of a 250-man fleet with 5 Monitors and redundant links, each Monitor and each set of links would be in a separate fleet, with all of the other Monitors anchoring on the main anchor.

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The problem is that people will just work around it by creating additional fleets. The end result will not be smaller blobs, but more organizational work for FC’s and assistant FC’s.


That is fine with me. breaking the fleets up into smaller groups would require more skill from more people and also coordination. Additionally, they still could form big fleets, if they decide that the de-buffs are tolerable for them.

The idea is to make a conscious decision to form a “Blop” by accepting de-buffs, and not just a “side effect” of bigger Alliances.

N+1 is the best form of gameplay though, you don’t like pvp where 50 ships arrive to kill one?

I prefer small scale 10 ships to kill 1 fights.

Any more than that is just overkill. Anyway, 50 versus 50 fights can be quite fun, especially as logi. And even bigger fights too, as long as it does not activate tidi.

No I meant 50 vs 1 ship. Clearly the most exciting gameplay ever.

It can be. We fought a solo dread the other day with a few dozen small ships. He played well, killed many and got out alive.

I’d say it was an exciting fun fight.

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