Reduce the maximum number of players in fleet

This is almost identical to what I posted in Japanese a year ago.

The Maximum number of people in a fleet should be around 130-100.

In a battle between fleets full of members (255 ppl), both sides can sink the enemy ship with a single shot, so the battle is often very tedious.
In addition, in order to reduce the chance of both sides being sunk by a single shot, only a few ships with extremely high defensive capabilities are used, and the diversity of fleet composition is lost.
I have proposed reducing the maximum number of fleet participants as a relatively simple solution to these problems.

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then they will just make 2 fleets of 100 players



No no, only 1 fleet can shoot at 1 target at a time. Come on don’t you know this???

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Your corp has 75 members and the max # fleet kill you’ve been in recently had around 100, surely that’s not a coincidence right? I mean you wouldn’t try and propose a change to the game that suits your personal situation, that would be incredibly obvious.

Not that I’m a fan of big fleets at all. Also, wrong forum section.


Probably YES. And that’s the most important change.

If you want to split your fleet into two fleets, you will need twice as many FCs. It also makes it more difficult to focus the firepower of two fleets on a single target at the same time.

It also makes it more difficult for these two fleets to work together, making small differences in numbers less of an issue in large fleet battles.

Unfortunately, the number of excellent FCs are extremely limited.

No ship is good in every situation. Some are better in larger F1 fleets and others excel for different uses. That is fine.

Limiting fleet size won’t do anything as one fc on comms can command multiple “fleets”

Limiting people in system just means whomever can pile as many people first automatically wins.

Really this is a non issue and doesn’t need to be fixed. If you don’t like being in F1 fleets where you get one shotted then maybe join a small gang corp. There you will find more diversity in ships and find you have a more meaningful combat role rather than just being fodder for a large alliance.

Um not true. You can have 2, 3, 10 plus fleets and only need 1 FC.
You have everyone on the same comms it’s not that difficult.
1 FC to direct fleet, delegated anchor or target caller depending on what role the FC wants, separate logi anchor. Reducing the amount of people in a fleet changes nothing except requiring more fleets.

Not true as well, as everyone can be on 1 comm together hearing orders from the Fleet FC. I have been in plenty of fleets where we had 3 separate fleets yet used 1 comm and we were just as effective. Only reason we had 3 fleets is we were 3 separate entities. We could have combined under 1 and still be just as effective. Number of fleets doesn’t matter. It’s the coordination between entities and FCs that matter and whether or not multiple comms are being used.

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They should just make everybody a solo pilot.

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