ADFU (NULL-SEC Ratting, PvP & Industry Corp)


(Gruul Estidal) #27

Still searching actively for additions to our team!

(Nathan Boirelle) #28

Hello! I’m an alpha player with some wealth and experience, but I’ve been playing on and off these past few years so I’m not as adept at the game as I should be.

Since I’ve mostly confined myself to highsec space, I’m excited to join a nullsec corporation that would at least teach me the ropes (since I have no experience whatsoever there) and some PvP as well.

I’m in EUTZ, hopefully that isn’t too bothersome. If you’ll have me with your crew, that’d be awesome.

(Gruul Estidal) #29

Will send you an in-game mail as soon as i can!

(Gruul Estidal) #30

Hit me up in-game if you are interested!

(Gruul Estidal) #31

I’m online if anyone wants to have a chat!

(Gruul Estidal) #32

Looking actively for additions to the corp!

(Gruul Estidal) #33

Still searching actively for additions to our team! :slight_smile:

(Gruul Estidal) #34

Throw me a eve-mail if you are interested in joining! :slight_smile:

(Gruul Estidal) #35

Important update:

We have decided to begin branching out heavily towards PvP, in order to further secure our domination in our space. We will be focusing on recruiting heavily PvP oriented players, of all kinds. We will continue to further our support of PvP actions, and strive to provide the best materials to do so in.

Fleets supported and provided by the corp will include (but will not be limited to):

  • Stealth bomber/cov ops fleets

  • Capital defence and attack fleets

  • Doctrine PvP fleets

For more information regarding everything, please get in touch with a director in game, or send a mail to Gruul Estidal.

(Gruul Estidal) #36

Still searching actively for additions to our team!

(Gruul Estidal) #37

Bump! We are always looking for new people to join us!

(Joran Orduvium) #38

I like to pew and rat.145 mil sp character looking for a chilled out place to live.

(Gruul Estidal) #39

Are you online for a chat?

(Gruul Estidal) #40

Recruitment still going strong, particularly looking for reinforcements on the ratting and PVP scene!

(Gruul Estidal) #41

Come join us for an exciting time in the most profitable and fun area in-game! Everyone is welcome!

(Gruul Estidal) #42

Today is a good day, throw me a mail for more information about joining our corporation! :slight_smile:

(Gruul Estidal) #43

Bump bump

(Gruul Estidal) #44


We run contests every month, in regards to PVP, Ratting and Mining.

This months contest(s) (November) -----

MINING ---- Biggest seller towards the buyback program, gets 10% of whatever the amount he sold to the corp in ISK/Ships/modules

RATTING ---- Whoever ratted the most (AKA brought in the highest amount of tax to the corp from ratting) Will receive a ship hull, equal to the amount of ISK that was brought in from his tax.

(Gruul Estidal) #45


(Gammel Aideron) #46

Great corporation whit Nice oppurtunities and friendly enviroment!