[ADMCC] Adamantine Corporation Welcomes The Filthy Casual

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Are you a newbro looking for a place to go? How about a returning player who just needs a place to stay? Having returned to EvE recently myself, the Adamantine Corporation is a simple mining and small gang PvP corp fit for those who just seek to find ways to keep their weekends entertained. We have no CTAs, no enforced doctrines, 0% tax. What we do have is friends who play EvE for the sake of flying and blowing up internet spaceships.

As a newbro, I offer:

  • Free T1 ships (up to cruiser) for PvP roams
  • Free skillbooks that I’ve collected over the years (before injection became a thing)
  • Free Tech 1 BPCs if you ever want to try out industry
  • A discord to chat and share memes in

As a bitter vet, I can assure that you will also get:

  • Content, lots of content
  • A Resource Buyback Program
  • A discord to rant about the game and CCPPls

We are situated in Lonetrek and The Forge, putting us close to Faction Warfare space. Despite our proximity, we are not affiliated with either militia so our target environment remains rich and prime for farming.

If you’re interested at all, please stop by our Discord, or visit the in game channel ADMCC-Pub. You may also apply directly to our EvE-HR page.

Apply Here
Our Discord

We’re still recruiting!

We’re still recruiting! Were also looking for wormhole divers.

We’re also looking for those who play in the EU timezone.

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