Adults who have not fired their CEO in over 4 years looking for more Null sec pilots with a pair

tldr: adults with adult lives, null sec CTA, Coms a must, pew pew …just a sec guys family agro…, k drop the dreads.

Experienced Eve pilots living in null sec wish to expand their community with like minded Eve pilots. We are generally too old to be playing video games on a computer, but here we are. You are welcome to apply if you are a mature adult. If you are a mature mature adult (its ok to admit you owned an Atari) you are also welcome here.

Attitude is more important than skill points. Play like its the end times because why not?

Answer the following questions and if you score hi, please consider us:

Are you an adult with a clear sense that Eve online is a spaceship video game and that irl comes first?
Can you speak English and are you willing to wear your headset and mic? (Don’t fake it , I mean it )
Are you willing to do at least 4 StratOps/CTAs a month (min requirement), subcap (or otherwise)?
Are you already YoLo flying , or are you interested in YoLo flying:
Carrier (Armor tanked preferred)
Rorqual (burn your cores with us)
Super (join the club)
Are you a team player that likes to collborate with a group of individuals (pvp and indy projects)?
Are you willing to submit to an ESI (New API) Check?

What we offer…
Winter Co Fleets (after your cool down period with us)
[ A community that takes care of its own. CEO has been playing over 155 years.
Experienced leadership (Directors who know things)
Null sec at its finest. (Great community)

If you’ve read this and you are serious about committing please see additional reading. The application process involves a voice interview with Rekindle. Instant gratification seekers need not apply. We will make your application process as painless as possible in a video game on the internet.

Corp Overview GoogleDoc

Full Spectrum Recruitment <- in game room
Main Recruiter & Guy: Rekindle

We use Mumble, Discord, Eve’s single sign on system (SSO) , Alliance Auth, Eve HR, and ESI Knife.

If you want to be a participant in an active null sec alliance community join a group that has a lot of experience.
Contact me in the recruitment room or on Discord or in game.

Thank you.

Is anyone not interested? Well you better read again!
My story began when i felt like a very small cog in a veldspar grinder in some big juicy pot of corps in alliances, alliances in coalitions, coalitions in blocks… Im a scifi geek in heart and alone among my friends as one and noticed this wierd guy Rekindle in the recruitment. It turned out he is not looking for peons or another taxpayer. He is building a community you really wanna talk with… And about!

I think 4 years has passed since that conversation, ive been on breaks every now and then, even tried another corp for a week or two but i knew i would be back in this good old club with the warm barfeeling dropping capitals and beating this game in the very best way possible, laughing and bumping into the members of Full Spectrum.

The difference between corp and corps is right here, this corp keeps you fuzzy and warm in the evenings.
For real, these guys are crazy, im so happy i can participate in the circus.
Make the call and lets think back about this choice you made in another 5years.


The thing I enjoy most about Full Spectrum is the freedom and autonomy it affords. We are small fish in a big pond where numbers are concerned, but that doesn’t stop us from making a big impact. We defend our space and the people in it because not everyone wants the big pew pew, some people just want to scrape out a space living alongside real people with real lives that always come first. If you want to mine, mine. If you want to YOLO a dreadnought like you have a bone to pick with the world, YOLO that mofo.

If you are tired of mashing F1 for someone with whom you will never have a conversation, look no further that Full Spectrum. We are here because we want to be around each other. You should give it a try. #Rekindleforpresident

Came back to the game a while ago and a irl friend got me into Full spectrum, didnt think i would be able to stay motivated to play for long but i got to know these lovely guys and 6 months later i’ve been having the best time in my online gaming history yet. If you like to yolo stuff for learning experience and derp around while doing some corp mission. This is the corp for you, we have friendly people who like to help out newbies and we got people with balls enough to keep the more experienced players entertained.

Welcome to our house, light the cyno and sit back and relax.
ps: Permaband best band

Looking for a new Home? Getting back to Eve? Look no further.

I have been a long time Eve pilot and have been all over Eve. Early in my career I had the opportunity to join Full Spectrum. During my time I made friends for life that I am still flying with today. If you are looking for a place to enjoy PvP, ratting, mining, exploration, industry, production then Full Spectrum is for you. Like many corporations in Eve we have all the stuffs. Mumble, Discord, Coalition SRP, Ore Buy Back Program etc. However, Full Spectrum offers a very relaxed atmosphere and people who are willing to help and assist as much as they can. We understand that Real Life comes first. So no fear of random kicks. Open communication is key.

So, if your looking for a helpful, friendly, laid back, fun corporation stop by and talk with our diplomats and see if Full Spectrum can be your new Eve Home.


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