Advanced Congomerate Recruiting Players for Empire or 0.0

Advanced Combat Applied Technology Systems (Empire) and our sister corp Advanced Resource Acquisition and Exploration (0.0) are currently looking for new members.

We are looking for industrialists and pvpers who want to join a growing laid back community in Empire Space / 0.0 that operates primarily in the US PST and EST.

We offer support to our members through the following corporate programs and services.

  1. For our Industrial pilots we offer max boosted ore, ice, and moon mining fleets, fair material buyback programs, and jump freighter services in both empire and 0.0, so no matter your preferred space we can offer the support you crave.

  2. Our PvPers can expect to enjoy our Corporate bounties program which rewards team players and lone wolves alike. Corporation Bounties Program and Guidelines for Payment

  3. All Corp / Alliance Doctrines and some solo fits used are SRP.

So whether your a seasoned vet or a new player learning the ropes we want you to fly wit us.

Contact Rockius through private chat or in game mail for more info.

Or visit us on discord


Bumping like a Code Machariel into Orca without a mining permit.

Recruitment Still Open

Moving faster than a rorqual that warped to 0 on an asteroid.


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