Imperial Mining Incorporated is Recruiting, Mining / Industrial / PVE

We are Imperial Mining Incorporated,

Currently we are part of Evictus Associates a Rental Alliance, We have recently re-opened Our doors after a successful Merge, with Our Sister Corporation ‘Federation of Freedom Fighters’ Our aim is to get Imperial Mining Incorporated upto 200 Pilots and join Our Sister Corporation in Evictus.

Other than that we are seeking pilots with a wealth of knowledge spanning all areas of New Eden willing and happy to help pilots learn and grow.

What we offer?

  • Mining Boosts
  • Jump Frieght Services
  • Polite and Friendly Atmosphere
  • Moon Mining
  • Discord Comms
  • Non-Mandatory Atmosphere

What are we looking for?

  • Miners (Obvious i know)
  • Industrialists
  • Boosters
  • PVE’ers
  • Explorers

We are in need of Pilots too boost ALL Timezones…

ESI Check is Part of Our Recruitment Process.

Join Our Recruitment Channel IM-I REC to reach out and talk to us for more details…

Still Actively Recruiting o7

Join the Team o7 in game Channel >>> IM-I-REC

Join our Team, we are always looking for more people, especially if you play in Australia.

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will look you up tonight.
free bump

if they are still recruiting, I suggest you give these guys a shot. I’ve flown with them (before I move to CONDI) but they are very fun and helpful to fly with.

They got fun mining fleets and like to do some fun stuff.

So if you are looking for a null sec mining corp you can give them a try, and don’t forget that they also have some good infrastructure for industry and other stuff

Re-Opening the Doors, Come Help us blow the Dust Off o7

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