IM-I is Re-Opening and we need you to make it Grow Again o7

We are Imperial Mining Incorporated,

Currently we are part of Initiative Associates a Rental Alliance, We have recently re-opened Our doors…

Our aim is to get Imperial Mining Incorporated upto 200 Pilots and Build a Team based atmosphere!!

Other than that we are seeking pilots with a wealth of knowledge spanning all areas of New Eden willing and happy to help pilots learn and grow.

What we are aiming to offer?

  • Mining Boosts
  • Polite and Friendly Atmosphere
  • Discord Comms
  • Non-Mandatory Atmosphere

What are we looking for?

  • Miners (Obvious i know)
  • Industrialists
  • Boosters
  • PVE’ers
  • Explorers

We are in need of Pilots too boost ALL Timezones…

ESI Check is Part of Our Recruitment Process >>

Our Discord >>

Join Our Recruitment Channel IM-I REC to reach out and talk to us for more details…

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