Imperial Mining Incorporated (IM.I Recuriting) EU/NA

Imperial Mining Incorporated, Is currently recruiting! We are part of Sentinel Dawn Alliance. IM.I is based in Null sec with access to H/S.

IM.I is an Industry based Corp that are looking for Miners and Industry minded folks that are looking for a place to go Fit in within Eve.

IM.I is split between EU & NA Time Zones

New, old or returning we welcome all we have a recruitment team that are happy to speak with you and help you out the best way we can.

What Can we Offer:

  • Regular Mining Boosts and Fleets (PVP also)

  • Alliance based Fleet’s that you can join for PVP/PVE Content

  • Corp buyback program (Ore/Gas & PI ) (With more in the future)

  • Robust corp member recognition program

  • Encouraged mentorship

  • Corporation advancement opportunities

  • Discord

  • Corp structure

How to Join:

Public Recruitment Channel: IM.I-Rec (Come have a chat)

Fly Safe

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Still Recruiting

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Still Recruiting

Still Recruiting