Afility recruiting!


Welcome to Brothers in Arms Alliance
Member of the Emperium!!

Who are we?

  • BIA Alliance is situated in Delve space.
  • Both PVP & PVE.
  • Experienced people who run and rule their space!!

Who are we looking for?
-All pve people (site runners, hackers, etc…).
-All kinds of PVP people the more skills and fury you have the better!!!
-Mature and social people (EU timezone).
-Active Omega clones(alpha clones allowed but need to be active and planning to go omega).
-But ABOVE ALL people who are willing to DEFEND their space with any means they have!!!
You can pve and mine all you want but you need to Fight for that right!!!

What we offer:

-Awesome piece of null sec where you can go from PVP to mining in a rorq!!!
-Experienced people running regular PVP fleets with SRP!!
-Forums with tons of information to help you out, Teamspeak, Mumble, jabber, etc…
-Good and social atmosphere.

Feeling up for this? Apply today…!!!
Contact me in game or via forums.

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