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Greetings. Null Based Industrial PvP and PvE association seeks new Alliance. We offer ability to build any item in game and most of the blueprints to build them. Titans, Supers, and other caps. JF service. All the good stuff. Association founded in 2008 with high skilled players. Currently in the “were not a goon” groups and living near the floodplains.

Our requirements: Respect, Unfettered access to Ice, Ores, and an ability to control moons. Our own Stations held in our name. Non insane taxing rates. Would enjoy helping to take over space for an alliance in expansion mode.

Mostly USA TZ but not 100%.

Hi @Tohmu_Blackwing,

Scary Wormhole People is currently recruiting corps and we’re interested in adding more miners and industrialists to get the production lines moving.

We live in Solitude lowsec and we operate in the areas of Solitude, Syndicate, Aridia, Placid, etc, as they are all around us.

For industry we have:

  • Structures for manufacturing, refining, and reactions.

  • NPC stations to park any assets you want safely.

  • A variety of moons; R64/32/16/8/4.

  • Ice belts.

  • PvP fleet support for mining operations.

Here are some links with info:
Alliance Killboard


If this interests you, contact our leader ExookiZ for alliance recruitment!

Thanks, prefer null space.

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check out AARP ( already Replaced alliance ) diplo - Choc Tala, we have good null space, a need for industrialists/miners ( who doesnt ) reckon we have what your looking for…
Cheers Edrik Prime.

Thanks Edrick, will be checking that out. Genuine CEO will reach out in game to Choc.

Bumpus were still looking for options.

My bonnie lies over the OOOcean.

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