After 1489220 client update can't run more than 1 client

Today after opening the game launcher and getting latest client update (1489220) just noticed i can’t log more than 1 client at same time. When i try to log another client the first one closes automatically and if i try to open a third one the second gets closed as well and so on.
Looking for the reason at loglite i’m finding a line tagged as “STACKTRACE Possible service deadlock detected!”
This is the whole loglite entry for that tag:

    Common path prefix = c:/buildagent/work/bd8c56c3aa04df82/eve/release/tranquility
    Traced at:
    <pre>/packages/bluepy/ CallWrapper
    <pre>/carbon/common/script/sys/ MollycoddledUthread
    <pre>/eve/client/script/ui/services/ OnSessionChanged
    <pre>/eve/client/script/ui/services/ OpenWindows
    <pre>/carbon/common/script/sys/ GetService
            ms = None
            self = <carbon.common.script.sys.serviceManager.ServiceManager instance at 0x12BCC9E0>
            serviceName = 'officeManager'
            srv = < object at 0x25F98BF0>
    Thread Locals:  session was <Session: (sid:xxx, clientID:0, mutating:0, contextOnly:False, locationid:xxx, corprole:xxx, userid:xxx, languageID:EN, role:xxx, charid:xxx, address:xxx, userType:21, sessionType:5, regionid:xxx, constellationid:xxx, allianceid:xxx, corpid:xxx, shipid:xxx, structureid:xxx, solarsystemid:xxx, solarsystemid2:xxx, hqID:xxx, rolesAtAll:xxx, rolesAtHQ:xxx, rolesAtBase:xxx, rolesAtOther:xxx, genderID:False, bloodlineID:xxx, raceID:xxx)>
    Stackhash: 335073851
    Reported from: logmodule

I’m running the game frome linux game launcher in kubuntu 18.10
Any clue on how to solve it?

Just discovered the game client is working much worst than i saw at first look. If i try to drag or resize a window inside game then the client window instantly close, or if i try to right click out of a window, or if i try to move camera. Don’t see any suspect messages in loglite about this. Simply can’t play that way. Please help

I’m running via WINE on Mint 17.3. I’ve just tested for this by first loading two clients at the same time, and then loading a third while the first two were stil running. All three were running concurrently OK, also my performance wasn’t affected by this latest upgrade. Whatever is affecting you is probably particular to your set-up I fear. Also - I don’t know why you would have a logfile reference to ‘officeManager’ when running Eve, doesn’t seem relevant.

Is there any info about what’s the problem for the client crashes? i mean any log beside loglite

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