Launcher broken after today's update

Can’t launch any accounts. Deleted QtWebEngine and Cache. Rebooted machine. Launcher forgets all accounts. Added one back, inc. the verification. Try to launch, client not visible in user-space Task Manager. Click button to close client, get message “Client assigned to … has closed unexpectedly”. Try to launch again, same thing. Client sitting in Background processes list. Have to manually kill it from there to launch again of course.

Whatever the update did today it broke my launcher or client. #learntocode

Ran LogLite. Attempted to launch client. One exception in there:

EXCEPTION #1 logged at 07/03/2019 20:15:42 : Unhandled exception in <TaskletExt object at 0x62ad708, abps=1001, ctxt=‘AutoContext::Startup() in [C:](C:/)\BuildAgent\work\bd8c56c3aa04df82\eve\release\TRANQUILITY\carbon\common\lib\ from [C:](C:/)\BuildAgent\work\bd8c56c3aa04df82\eve\release\TRANQUILITY\carbon\common\lib\’>

Formatted exception info: ImportError: DLL load failed: The operation completed successfully.

As a dev, exception “the operation completely successfully” is one of my favourites.

What is up with this thing?

I fixed this by going to the bottom left settings cog, clicking Reset Options & Cache, clicking Shared Cache Settings, clicking Permissions and clicking Verify. Verify found 1 corrupted file. Restarted the launcher (manually killed the tasks in Task Manager as they were hanging around there) and it downloaded some files. Seems to work now.

I was playing fine on the 32bit client. Logged out, switched to 64bit. Made coffee, came back, launched the thing, all my logins were gone.

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