Eve launcher updated and now its corrupted

hello all,
this is not the way to get returning eve pilots to stay. i fired up eve and it did a patch and now it’s crap. when i try to launch a toon i get a “your eve client has been modified…yada yada yada…” and to think i just spent real money recently on TWO eve account… way to go…

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  • Start the Launcher
  • Click on the cogwheel in the bottom left corner of the launcher window.
  • Click on the Reset Options & Cache tab
  • Click on the Shared Cache Settings.
  • You may see some progress in the bar at the bottom. Once its completed its task please click on the ‘Verify’ button and the verification process will begin.

After it has finished try running the game again.

hi GM Mechanic

I been have the same problem with that as well I tried the support ticket a few times and it does not work this just becomes unplayable. I check the forums it seems it started at the September update with Mac users

Issue solved I just deleted the client and did a reinstall works fine now thanks

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