Can not Log In

So I haven’t played for a couple of weeks and some new updates got loaded while I was waiting to play this afternoon. Then this popped up…

Your Eve Client installation may have modified, damaged, or corrupt files.
Verification failed: 'C:\EVE\SharedCache\tq\bin
other craap followed

Do I need to uninstall then reinstall?
If so FUDGESICKLE’S!!!??!!!

Try clicking the “Launcher settings” button in the bottom left (shows as a gear).
Then go to “Reset Options & Cache”.
Then “Shared Cache Settings”
Then do the “Verify” thing.

If that doesn’t help, I don’t know. I would personally re-install.


It Worked!
You are Duh Master of Duh EVE!!
see ya space cowboy…

call CCP new help desk new tech’s are awaiting your call

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