After recent HIC balance pass, a look at the Fiend

The Fiend, when released, was a quite honestly underrated AT ship along with the Imp. Time has changed those opinions en masse, whether due to small gang meta changes or a more ingrained appreciation for AB bonuses. Being the only faction HIC in the game, the Fiend filled a fantastically unique role which is what all AT ships should be (looking at you, Hydra/Tiamat).

In March 2017, CCP changed the HIC focus point and removed its scrambling capabilities to nerf the admittedly oppressive small gang HIC, reducing its long scram ability from 40km to 19km. The change was much needed in the overall balance and meta, however the Fiend was an unintended victim. With this balance pass on HICs, removing the prop mod and mass penalties from all HICs once again nerfs the Fiend, which had (as a unique role bonus) no mass and prop mod penalties from an unscripted HIC point. It was the only HIC in the game that could use a prop mod with its bubble active, and with this October balance pass, that role bonus must be replaced.

I believe this is a great opportunity for CCP to replace that unique role bonus with the ability for the Targeted Warp Disruption Script to scram the target as well. This gives the ship its pre-2017 HIC power, all the while leaving the ship with a unique role bonus like all other AT ships have. An easy swap, and one that makes the most sense. Let’s discuss.

Its an AT ship, not really something anyone but PL and CO care about.

There are lots of AT ships that are not that great. hardly worth anyone time.

Fiends are fine, the balance pass is for a broken aspect in hic bubbles and not HICs specificly, imo a 19k scram for more cap in a highslot is still a nice balanced ability, also Fiend shines with it’s crazy tank gained by free midslots + AB bonus.

There are still no Hydras/Tiamats on TQ, and they still need a bonus that makes them better then Vedmaks except just a cloak. (100% optimal plz, maybe HAC sig bonus + ADC?)

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CCP probably can’t justify using any of their resources to rebalance AT ships anyway since it only affects like 300 players

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