A proposal to save rolling HICs from the October balance pass

Fellow wormholers, if you weren’t aware, the balance pass proposed by the devs will eliminate rolling HICs. Dev blog here: https://www.eveonline.com/article/pf7gpi/october-balance-pass They are making this change because a very specific 500MN HIC fit which achieves extremely high speeds for surprise tackle.

To maintain the utility of rolling HICs I propose that any HIC fitted with a Higgs rig maintains current mass dynamics with bubbles. This would leave rolling HICs largely unaffected by the changes. However the Higgs rig reduces max velocity by 75% so the surprise tackle 500MN HICs would still be effectively removed from the game.

CCP please consider this, or similar alternatives, to maintain quality of life for wormholers.


Makes sense to me. A similar “fix” was applied to nullification of T3C’s and Yacht’s.

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Disallow activation of a bubble while a prop mod is active.
Problem fixed or is that too simple?

Once the bubble is activated the prop mod can be activated.

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