A proposal to save rolling HICs from the October balance pass

(Palydin) #1

Fellow wormholers, if you weren’t aware, the balance pass proposed by the devs will eliminate rolling HICs. Dev blog here: https://www.eveonline.com/article/pf7gpi/october-balance-pass They are making this change because a very specific 500MN HIC fit which achieves extremely high speeds for surprise tackle.

To maintain the utility of rolling HICs I propose that any HIC fitted with a Higgs rig maintains current mass dynamics with bubbles. This would leave rolling HICs largely unaffected by the changes. However the Higgs rig reduces max velocity by 75% so the surprise tackle 500MN HICs would still be effectively removed from the game.

CCP please consider this, or similar alternatives, to maintain quality of life for wormholers.

(Bluedagger) #2

Makes sense to me. A similar “fix” was applied to nullification of T3C’s and Yacht’s.

(Val Arthie) #3

Disallow activation of a bubble while a prop mod is active.
Problem fixed or is that too simple?

Once the bubble is activated the prop mod can be activated.

(system) #4

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