Afterburner x MWD gatecamps

What is the best propulsion module to escape from gatecamps without using the cloack trick?


In high-sec (1.0 to 0.5 space) or Low-sec (0.4 to 0.1 space) no propulsion module will help. Not unless one is in an interceptor (due to it’s high innate speed and acceleration)… and even that is risky.
The REAL trick is to figure out how to align and warp away in less than 2 seconds. (hint: propulsion modules won’t do this).

In Null-sec (0.0 to -1.0) and Wormhole space, the above also applies but with the added hurdle of getting away from any Warp Disruption bubbles that are around the Stargate.

A better tactic is to fit a MWD and use it to fly back to the Stargate.
Do not use any offensive modules while doing this… just fly and hope the ship’s defenses will hold.
Then jump through and warp to something, ANYTHING, before hostiles jump through after you.

Another thing to consider is what kind of ship is being flown.
For smaller ships, being more agile and speedy will help with surviving.
For larger ships (like an Industrial or an Orca), pulsing a MWD once can shorten align time down from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.

Honestly… nothing is a “silver bullet.”
Even the cloak-MWD trick is highly prone to user-error and has a 10 second window of being disrupted with the right tactics.

The methods with the highest odds of getting past a gatecamp are…

  • using a dedicated cloaking ship (see: Covert-Ops cloak)
  • bringing friends to fight the gatecamp
  • finding an alternate route

Mwd is almost always the best option, sometimes just burning back to the gate to jump out again will save you. If you’re in null you might have to get through bubbles or move to the gate from a drag bubble.

Mwd is for getting in or out of combat, AB is for dealing with things while in combat.


Just want to add that the mwd makes your sig radius bloom - your ship is much “bigger” that way and thus easier to be hit and hits are much more severe as soon as the mwd is active. But of course most times it’s your only chance to get (“burn”) out of bubbles, out of tackle range, or back to the gate.