I was doing some combat training with a gurista rookie, and something just let me very confused, i noted that when i approach to the gurista with my Afterburner off i can get closer than if i was with my Afterburner on, the difference was about 300m on my testing, why it happens if the Afterburner in theory boost my ship speed?

Were you orbiting? If so then the higher velocity would make your orbit larger if you are going too fast for the distance the orbit is set at.

No, just approaching all the time.

NPC have a set orbiting distance which differs per NPC. What normally happens is that they move straight at you until they reach that orbiting distance and then they go do that.

In this case it’s the other way round by getting closer to them, so within their orbiting distance, you force them to move away from you as they want to maintain that distance. So it seems that without AB you’re not fast enough to “mess up” their orbit but WITH AB you do and thus you inch closer into them.

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