Lucid Watchman Abyssal Deadspace


I am having trouble with Lucid Watchman in T2 Filaments with a Frigate. The previous ~10 runs went all very smooth until I met a group of 4 Lucid Watchman. They seemd to be able to apply damage very well. Transversal was high all the time, MWD running. They applied even at 30+ Km and orbiting them close did not do the trick either. They were not in range of a tracking enhancing structure and I was not in a blue cloud.

How do I deal with them? I would appreciate any advice.

You tried using an afterburner. Mwd will increase your sig. I don’t run them in a frigate but I would thought afterburner be the way to go tbh.

Afterburner can be very risky because there’s no way to keep all the dps from getting right on top of you.

Lucid Watchmen are pretty much the worst thing you can encounter in a T2 filament. You need to either be able to orbit them at 40 and apply solid dps at that range, or you need to be able to tank them at close range until you burn them down. Neither is easy, since they are fast, hard-hitting, and very durable.

My advice? Consider it a gear check and get right back into it with a better fit.

Edit: Afterburner is workable against them for reducing DPS and making it easier to tank them, but at the end of the day, you’ll still need an extremely heavy tank for a frigate to be able to pull that maneuver off.

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