Agartha Mining Corporation - HS Mining and Industry Corp

Agartha Recruiting Ad

Seeking all resource gatherers!

We’re a Corp growing through resource gathering and industry and are looking for interested pilots. If that suits you, we have:

  • USA/EST corp currently based in High Sec

  • Several weekly mining Ops with boosts

  • Missioning for Rep and for the fun of it

  • Wormhole Ops for datacores and salvage and other rare resources

  • Ship Replacement Program

  • Resource Buy Back Program provides compensation for resources of many types

  • Industry Corp Contracts to fill your wallets (PI shines here)

  • Fill a contract and get paid part of the margin from market orders (Profit sharing)

Interested? Come and hang out with us during an op and chat us up. If we’re a good fit, then we’ll sign you up!

Thanks for considering Agartha Mining Corporation!

For more information, please contact

Jyne Ji-Lilu, Ghaly, Tizby Lenard

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