Agreed 1st Feb 1 billion isk 1month Im TomHorn

As the title says im looking for 1bill isk loan for 1 month no collateral .

looking for a loan see above

still looking for a loan
Link to this thread is now been placed in TomHorn bio

16 Jan link has now been removed from the bio, due to lack of space. No problem if you need to confirm my identity , we can convo in game , we can negotiate interest rate , or you can give it to me interest free for 1 month.

17 Jan had an offer of the loan @ 500mill collateral @ 10% which ive accepted , i just have to get the collateral together by the 1st Feb, that is when the transaction will take place. Handshake in chat channel.

If i dont get the collateral sorted ,i guess ill still be here looking for a loan.

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If you have collateral to cover the full loan amount, I’ll be happy to make you an offer also: see Collateralized Loans Available

Thank you for the reply Styx.

Im going to go through with this deal i have agreed.

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