AI that gathers PI goods, similar to mining fleets

We have AI mining fleets, and AI Industrial complexes. Both have combat fleets that respond. Could there also be AI that transports Planet Industry goods? Also with some level of combat response equal to the value of the goods being hauled.

Pretty small change to the mining fleet AI I would hope.

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The Planet is Now Depleted



I question why we aren’t allowed to hire npc’s to do things for us like… oh… mine while I guard with a ship?

Outsource the mining to NPCs? YES! Because the living wage WRT mining has oscillated so terrifically. I almost want to go back to a Venture with T2 lasers. For every ship I free up doing something more productive, perhaps even gas mining or being Batman I can reinvest some of that ISK, a meager some of, to hire NPC belt miners.

Make npcs carry very expensive stuff
Make respond fleets totally random
Put all this into lowsec only

Like mining drones?


Extending the ai type to haulers would be nice. But everyone remember, these guys deplete actual resources in real time. So don’t whine when your pi income takes a hit.


Collecting goods is the only risk in PI, lets not remove that as well.

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