AIR Career Program UI Troubles

Good day all,

                 Just wondering if anyone else has had an issue with their AIR Career Program UI window only showing a black screen when opened? It started last week, I pressed the button on the side of the screen and a blank screen popped up. I have no access to the career menu at all. I have tried all the usual troubleshooting techniques, and nothing has worked. I have 2 omega accounts and am only having issues with the one, so I do not believe it is a settings/PC issue. If anyone else has ever encountered this before and knows of a solution it would be greatly appreciated. I reached out to CCP support (via in-game help menu) a few days ago and they have not even offered a copy and paste response. 

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just reposting the Q in a more readable format for the OP, please reply to @Mary-Ann_Gallanasee .

(As a side note, with the chat system borked, apparently the support team has been buried under an avalanche of tickets for the past few days.)

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Since yesterday I got exactly the same UI issue. The AIR Career window is blank only for 1 character, but not the others on the same account. I also reported it in-game.
That’s not just a cosmetic issue since I cannot claim the achievements for SP, so it interferes with the core gameplay.
Hope someone has an idea on how to fix this too.

“Clear all settings” in the client menu fixed the problem for me.

I had this issue with one of my alts it was the only one i was half way through collecting those lovely SP it was annoying
clear settings dose fix the issue but a word of warning first it removes even your saved over view settings so before doing it mail yourself a copy or drop them to some one else so they can be got back
my personal settings i have bin using for years updating and saving each needed change have all gone
just a warning
i did find my old start point in import settings in overview settings in the end

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