[Resolved]20221003 - Air Career Program rewards updating slowly

Hello everyone,

We currently have an issue that results in the rewards from the Air Career Program not being completed as they should, even though your tasks are being completed.

The completion of the tasks is being saved and should come in sporadically over the next few minutes to an hour. We have already applied a fix that should momentarily resolve this, mark your tasks as complete, deliver the rewards and resolve this problem.



Glad to know. I bought something from LP store “at least 300 points” and was wondering why it didn’t register. I spent 1400 points for a Ocular - beta something-or-another and didn’t know you have to spend isk on top of the LP so not only did I spend 1400 points but also over 2mil for an item… kind of steep for “loyalty” points. I thought they were rewards :confused: That’ll teach me :sweat_smile:
I don’t think I want to spend LP points again if I have to spend that much isk to get the item - that I might have found cheaper on the Market.
I get it, LP is a joke, isn’t it?

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Just wait until you want an item from the LP store that requires LP, ISK, Tags, and a Nexus chip…


I can’t hardly wait :smile:

Thank you for the announcement. I have three T0 Abyssal Deadspace combat sites that I completed that never recorded. My completion count still shows as 3/5. Yes I completed an extra site. I reported on September 22.

Any update on whether this has been fully fixed yet or is still lagging?

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Did some wh scanning today and the AIR career system didn’t reward any points towards completion of scanning cosmic signatures to 100%… Does it take a while for the server to respond or what?

Screenshot by Lightshot < 30 minutes ago

Screenshot by Lightshot < 5 mins ago
ok, so it seems it takes a while to reward the points …:slight_smile:

AIR system not reflecting completed Epic Arcs.
SOE Epic Arc completed some time ago and showing in Activity Tracker but not showing in AIR Carrer Program

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